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Z & K Law Office represents its clients before Turkish Courts, Turkish and Foreign Arbitral Commissions and other legal authorities. The fields of Study which Z & K Law Office provides its clients are as follows:

Commercial Law
International Commerce
Marine Commerce Law
International commercial contracts
Corporations Law
Law of Cooperatives
Law of Intellectual Property Rights

International Arbitration

Law of Bankruptcy and Enforcement
Execution for Debts (with or without judgment, bill of exchange, tenant evacuation etc),
Lien and Rejection Against Lien Cases
Debt Remission (Negative Declaratory Action) and Return of Paid Amount (Action for Restitution)
Rejection against signature and debt (Cases under the authority of Execution Law and Execution Penalty Courts)
Action of Recovery

Criminal Law

Sports Law

Code of Obligations
Receivable, Material and Spiritual Compensation Cases
Action for Evacuation
Rent amount determination and Increase of Rent amount cases
Determination of Place of Deposit (Determination of Payment Place)

Law of Succession
Receive of Successor Certificate
Elimination of Joint Ownership
Injunctive relief under succession, renunciation of inheritance, determination of a representation for company succession
Case for Annulment of Successor Certificate
Case for Annulment of Testament  
Case for Return of Succession
Issue of Testament
Allotment Contract

Law of Property
Title Deed Annulment Due to Conflict of Interests
Possessory Actions
Title Deed Annulment and Registration Cases
Action for pre – emption
Action for adequate payment
Action for Water Use Right Conflicts

Labor Law
Determination of Premium Days (Bag – Kur, Social Insurance Ins.)
Consolidation of Premium Days
Severance and Notice Payment, and Compensation for Bad Faith Damages
Reemployment Lawsuit

Administrative Law
Full Remedy Action
Annulment Cases
Tax Cases

Z & K Law Office represents its clients before Under secretariat of Foreign Trade, Turkish Patent Institute, Turkish Competition Agency, Information Technologies and Communication Authority, Energy Market Regulatory Authority, and Privatization Authority and carries out the required transactions before these establishments.

Z & K Law Office provides services to its clients in Turkish, English and German languages.

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