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As most of the clients of Z & K Law Office are corporations, our attorneys are specialized in the areas with which the corporations encounter.
We can categorize the services for our corporation clients as follows. Depending upon the challenges and various needs of the corporations, we provide more detailed and legal services to our clients.


Under this service, all relevant transactions of the companies for fields of study are carried out by examining all the legal procedures, and revising all the absent or false applications, and preparing those missing and controlling all the application in detail.

With such services, it is aimed that the client corporation will have a strength company culture, as well as a reliable legal nature, and that the legal conflicts will be minimized and the company interests will be protected in the maximum level.

The final objective of this service is to contribute to the safety development of your corporation, and to today and future of your corporation by means of “protective attorney services”.


Attorney services include all kinds of applications to Turkish Republic Courts and International Arbitration Courts, and representation and advocacy of the Company, as well as arbitration and mediation applications.

The representation of your Company before Turkish Courts, Execution Offices, Appeal Court, Council of State, Executive and Tax Courts, and National and International Arbitration Courts in all kinds of cases opened or to be opened against the Company for protecting the prominence of the Company and appointment of the specialized attorney to represent you, as well as performance of correspondence with all real and third persons, and to assist the Company for such aims are among the tasks of our law office.


All kinds of cases, levy and other transactions related to the follow of your corporation with execution and collection are carried out, and the bankruptcy, and retardation of bankruptcy, and composition of debts, the follow of all related issues are done. Compatible with this, the amounts arising from current accounts, bills, cheques, and bonds are subject to follow up in accordance with debt enforcement and bankruptcy law are received and all relevant transactions are done accordingly and those amounts are transferred to the company account. In case of rare collection impossibility, to follow the criminal cases to be opened and to issue the Commercial Insolvency Certificate and thereby taking the advantage of tax exemption in the end of the year are performed. For this, experienced attorney and levy follow staff members are available in our Law Office.


This service includes the examination of all the documents of Human Resources Department and Staff Department severally, rearrangement and projection of such documents, execution of audits according to Labor Law and Social Security Law as well as all other relevant regulations, and the revision of these departments effectively.

The objective of this service contains the performance of all the legal requirements suggested by Social Security Ins. Local Directorate, and formation of all the social criteria and performance of them. This service is also a packet study and turn – key Human Resources Dept. program.  This service particularly contributes to the companies by considering the challenges faced.

We can summarize that our primary philosophy as the attorneys of Z & K Law Office is to meet the needs of the companies at maximum level and to contribute to development of the Company both economically and commercially.

Therefore, our Law Office has adopted the principle which is based upon innovative ideas, and which follows the recent technologies, and provides the most accurate and rapid service to its clients, and the most importantly, which considers the transparency with its clients and the protection of the company secrets against the other parties.

With these services, our fundamental objective is to assist the protection of the company prominence, and to contribute to today and future of the Company at maximum level by establishing a legal umbrella.

In order to obtain more information and detail about our services and office or to be informed of our reference list including national and international companies, establishments, and legal and real persons please contact us on info@zkhukuk.com or on +9 0312 418 80 03 and
+9 0312 425 96 85.  In addition, should you demand, our authorized attorney shall visit you in your facilities and shall inform you about all kinds of questions with great pleasure.

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